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Polishing Compounds : A basic guide

Polishing precious metal pieces requires a little knowledge about different types of polishing compounds and buffing tools, and even more practice in order to get the technique just right. But, with some basic know-how and the supplies you’ll need to create a professional finish.Here’s what you need to know to get started.
What is polishing compound used for?
All polishing compounds and jeweller’s rouge are commonly used to smooth precious metals and gradually polish them to a high shine for a clean, professional finish. Also known as buffing compounds, polishing compounds are commonly sold as solid bars and, when used in conjunction with a buffing mop, help you to finish your  metal  pieces to a high standard with a professional shine.

How to choose the right polishing compound ?
When you’re looking for the right polishing compounds , you’ll find that there is a large range to choose from. This is because different polishing compounds have varying functions. Much like sand paper, polishing compounds will vary in their coarseness, from very coarse to very fine. Each polishing compound can be used in turn throughout the smoothing and polishing process in order to achieve the results you’re looking for. Using each buffing compound in turn, starting with the coarsest and moving through to a finer compound, you can slowly eliminate imperfections and polish your piece to a high shine.

How to apply rubbing compound to your buffing wheel ?
You can apply polishing compound to your buffing wheel by spinning the wheel slowly and simply pressing the compound against the wheel as it turns. There is no need to apply a lot of pressure – the spinning wheel will be enough to coat it sufficiently in the polishing compound. Apply a small amount of the polishing compound to the wheel as you can always add more as you polish, and you may find that too much of the compound will leave your  piece greasy and more difficult to work with.

What is Metal Polishing

What is Metal Polishing ?
Metal Polishing sometimes known as Finishing or Buffing is the process of removing scratches and abrasions from a surface, and creating the desired brightness of finish on that surface. Polishing, like using sand paper, consists of procedures each of which is less abrasive than the previous. A combination of polishing buffing wheels and compounds are used with a buffing machine or a household electric drill (pneumatic tools may also be used but only at relatively low speeds of 4000 rpm max.)

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